Wednesday Fusion Classes!

Brought to you by the super team of Sydney Charisse & Flouer Evelyn. These classes will be small and intimate, capped at 8 people for Choreo, and 10 for Technique.


October Fusion Classes


7-8pm: Fusion Choreo! 
Increase your movement vocabulary on the fusion dance floor by learning choreography that combines moves from at least 3 different dance styles: Zouk, WCS, Blues, & whatever else we come up with!
Participants in this class have an option to continue working with Flouer and perform at DJX Fusion Weekend Nov. 9 – 11!

8-9pm: Fusion Technique!
We will break down some of the skills you need to accomplish the moves you learn in the choreo. We will focus on a fewer number of things done very well.
Open to all, whether or not you take the first class.

9-11:30pm: Random Wednesday Fusion Parties 
Stay after class and hang out with us! Practice your new skills, and dance to great music. Open to all. Party: $5-$10 Sliding Scale atd

Class Prices:
All 4 classes: $50
Any 2 classes: $27
Single Class Drop in: $15

About your instructors:

Sydney Charisse is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher who recently completed a Master of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Michigan. She has taught Zouk and Fusion workshops throughout North America and the UK and has just finished an insane four month tour where she took a lot of silly pictures in beautiful places (#ZoukGnome). She is so excited to be making a stop in NYC to catch up with her beloved Zouk, Fusion, Blues, and Contemporary dance families before running off to Brazil to train, learn Portuguese, and eat all the yummy things.

Flouer Evelyn
Her goal: Creativity. The pathway: mastery of body, technique, partnership, and endless play. The dance floor, like life itself, is a playground. With her home base in New York City, Flouer has an extensive background in movement practices. Her experiences range from world travel for ice skating and contemporary dance, a lifetime of ballet, a decade of Latin ballroom & lindy hop, stage combat, burlesque, a smattering of zouk & WCS, and years of winning blues dance competitions. She has both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Dance.
Fascinated by the history & techniques of social dances, Flouer brings context to all her classes. With the belief that most life lessons can be found in partner dance, she strives to help people create connections within themselves, their partners, and the community as a whole. Currently, she can be found teaching full time around the world and running her NYC fusion events Motley Hue Fusion 2019 & Melting Pot.