Oct 26: Fusion + West Coast Swing – w/ Paula & Ken

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“Westify” Your Blues & Fusion Dancing!

Meet Paula & Ken – amazing people, amazing dancers, and amazing teachers.

They are accomplished in several dance forms: Modern Dance, Tango, Lindy, and especially West Coast Swing.

They are the creators and directors of TIPDI – The International Partner Dance Intensive; which could be considered the ultimate experience in learning many dance forms at once.

And, they are now here at Melting Pot to teach you how to add a little Westie into your dancing!

Class Description:

Our workshop is about building structure around the skills you already have, using West Coast Swing as the framework. We are not here to teach you how to dance West Coast Swing per se, but instead, how to “Westify” your Blues and Fusion, so that you can choose when to dance in a more structured way. Along the way, we will introduce some of the basic moves of West Coast Swing as a way of showing how just a few key structural skills can produce dozens of cool ideas. We will also explore the way WCS uses the “slot” and how West Coast Swing dancers connect to each other. Our goal is to add some powerful tools to your dancer toolbox.

About Paula & Ken:

Paula Wilson and Ken Kreshtool were both dancers and teachers of other dance styles before discovering West Coast Swing. Paula was a professional modern and commercial dancer, who also danced, taught, and performed Argentine Tango in Argentina, the UK, and South Korea. Ken was an award-winning Lindy Hop and Ballroom dancer and teacher, who taught the largest and most popular partner-dance classes in the Boston area for many years. Paula and Ken began dancing together as WCS practice partners in 2012. Their partnership has grown to include running several smaller dance events around NYC, as well as co-directing and co-producing The International Partner Dance Intensive (TIPDI). TIPDI is a 3-day, 4-night cumulative immersion intensive, in which participants take 22.5 hours of technique classes in 6 different dance forms. To find out more about them and their upcoming events, visit www.tipdi.com.


Location:  Dardo Galletto:  151 W46th st, 11th floor

Prices:  $25  before Oct 24th, $35 at the door.   *there is a $1 online processing fee