Fusion Dance NYC

The Music

What music do you play?

We play a lot of different things!

Many fusion dances around the world use electronic music as a base for their sound because there is no other dance form already attached to this genre, encouraging dancers out of their “genre boxes”. Electronic music also inspires creativity due to the eclectic moods and rhythms available. At Fusion Dance NYC we also play electronica, but we are always striving to add new influences into our sets.

Our sounds range from:

Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Soul, Electro-Swing, R&B, Hip Hop, Classical & other Lyrical.
Latin Sounds: Nuevo Tango, Zouk, Reggaeton, other Latin Rhythms.
Other World Music: Middle Eastern influences, African influences,  Balkan sounds.

Every DJ has their own style, so some nights will feature more music in specific genre’s than others. We strive for a variety of rhythms and emotions while focusing on flow & cohesive sets.

Unlike some other partner dances, fusion music is most often the latest music of today. That means that our sounds change quite a lot following the trends in popular music and new movement styles coming into our scenes.

This is a 2019/2020 playlist with songs that are easily accessible for people wanting to Fusion Dance.

In 2018 our NYC House DJs put together the playlist below to give you a sample of sounds you might hear on the Fusion Dance Floor in New York City.
Contributors:  Jeanette Holmes, Kathleen Evans, Neil Benen, and Flouer Evelyn

And for even more variety, here is a public playlist of songs that can be used for Afro-House/Hip Hop styles in fusion dancing.