Fusion Dance NYC

Organizer Code: M.P. Celebrates Black Voices

Organizer Code of Conduct: Melting Pot Celebrates Black Voices

At Fusion Dance NYC we believe it should be possible to hold organisers responsible for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for our attendees. As such, this organiser code outlines our commitment to professional conduct for this online event, and the resources available should an organiser fall short of the trust placed in them by their leadership position. 

At Dances:

  • An organizer will be available to open and close dances and events. At no time will the space be left unattended.
  • Organizers will be responsible for using dance spaces safely, treating them with respect, and leaving them ready to be used again.
  • Organizers will follow the event safety policy.
  • Organizers will speak and act in ways that maintain and contribute to the inclusive nature of our space. We will not engage in discriminatory practices and speech. Discriminatory practices and speech includes racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of bias against protected classes of the population. It also includes knowingly harmful speech and action towards individuals regardless of identity.
  • An organizer or safer spaces lead will make themselves available to hear and act on safety concerns. Should we feel unable to do this, we will direct dancers to the safer spaces lead or to an anonymous reporting platform.
  • Organizers will be prepared to step in and speak up if they see unsafe or harmful behaviour, or find another organiser who is able to do so. 
  • Organizers will not be intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances while on duty.
  • Organizers will understand that at dances we are in a position of authority, and will act as models of good behaviour towards our community, and each other. This includes welcoming newcomers, and participating in events. 

Organisers Duties

  • Organisers will fulfil their responsibilities of event planning, preparation etc. as agreed. Should a situation arise where this becomes impossible, it is that organiser’s responsibility to make sure another organiser or staff member can meet those responsibilities on time. 
  • Organisers will be alert to the fact that needs arise outside of agreed upon duties, and we will take joint responsibility for ensuring those needs are met.
  • Organisers will respond to communication in a timely manner.

Organiser Education

  • Organisers have a responsibility to educate themselves on the social and political landscape affecting the running of their scene.
  • Organisers will educate themselves independently on the history of racism and its function on the social dance community. They will bring that learning into the running of their events in consultation with BIPOC.
  • Organisers will listen to everyone, and first and foremost we will listen to those harmed by systemic oppression when deciding how to move our community forward.
  • Organisers will listen to everyone, and first and foremost we will listen to those harmed by systemic oppression when determining how to enact our safer spaces procedures.
  • Organisers will believe those harmed by systemic oppression when they describe how that oppression has affected them within our community.

Safety Issues

  • Organisers will encourage people to share their concerns, on the understanding that the more we know, the better we can run our scene. Organisers will make an anonymous platform available for attendees who do not feel comfortable making a direct report. Organisers will treat third-party reports as valid and serious.
  • Organisers will be alerted to reported concerns, either before or after action has been taken, according to the situation. Concerns will be shared even if an organiser decides not to take action.
  • Organisers will strive to take the best possible action within our resources for ensuring safety, in collaboration with affected parties and other organisers.


  • We will ask all our instructors, DJs, staff, and organizers to uphold our scene’s values. This includes, but is not exclusive to: allowing people of all genders to choose their preferred dance role; following our safety policy; and practicing active consent. If someone we hire does not meet these standards, we will not hire them again until they are prepared to do so.
  • We will not hire instructors, DJs, staff, or organizers if we are aware of a complaint against them which we decide puts our community at risk of harm.
  • Instructors, DJs, staff, and organizers will be offered a written agreement detailing their terms of hire, including their responsibilities, cancellation protections, and timelines for payment. Instructors, DJs, staff, and organizers will be permitted to negotiate the terms of that contract. An oral contract is deemed just as valid as a written contract.
  • Instructors, DJs, staff and organizers who fulfil their obligations to us will be paid in full and on time.

At All Times

  • Organisers will understand that their behaviour in public spheres, including social media, reflects on the reputation of our scene. This means that organizers should refrain from discriminatory practices and speech in all aspects of their public lives. If their actions are unintentionally discriminatory, they will engage in an education and restorative process.
  • If organisers travel to dance, we will follow the safety policy of our host scene. If one is not available, we will follow our own.
  • When we speak publicly about our events, our dancers, or other organisers, we will do so respectfully.

Organiser Misconduct

  • If we become aware of any organiser misconduct, we will hold our colleagues and ourselves accountable.
  • Initially, this will involve a discussion with other organisers, and possibly affected parties, to decide on a suitable course of action.
  • Organisers suspected of misconduct will be given an opportunity to discuss the situation before any action is taken.
  • Possible sanctions might include: a spoken or written warning, implementation of a behaviour contract, suspension or removal from organiser duties, or a temporary or permanent ban from Fusion Dance NYC events.
  • Should an organiser be suspended or removed from organiser duties, they will hand over all funds and equipment, and will not be able to participate in event planning or decision making.