June 1st – Kizomba Fusion Workshop!


Kizomba Fusion!  by Rachel Cassandra & Florian Tep

June 1st, 7:00-8:30pm

Steal that Style: Kizomba Body Movement
You’ve seen the videos. You crave that movement that has been described as “creamy,” “gooey,” and “sensual.” We’ll explore a few of the isolations and controlled transitions that are the hallmark of kizomba, working first individually and then discovering how to incorporate them for solo style as well as in micro-leads.  Fall in love with kizomba’s characteristic connection! Get equipped to transition smoothly among closed position, open position, and outside partner on each side. Learn to dissociate your steps from your partner’s while maintaining connection. Play with dynamic accelerations, slow melts, and freezes.

Where:Dardo Galletto Studios: 151 W46th st, 11th floor
Cost:  $20 presale / $25 at the door
***  There is a $1 online processing fee

Kizomba Fusion Workshop!

About the Instructor…Rachel Cassandra is a teacher and dancer originally from Port Jefferson, New York. Her true loves are dancing, teaching, and travel – and she’s pursued these extensively since she started dancing in 2005. She has a varied dance background and extensive teaching expertise. Watch some videos of her dancing.After a year of teaching in the UK and at festivals around Europe, Rachel returned to the United States. She is enjoying the New York scene and is collaborating with different dancers on a few project there. Rachel continues to travel as many places as she can manage to teach at kizomba workshops, in particular to help new scenes improve. She’s also been working with organizers in a few cities to create kizomba and blues crossover events. Although she’s not currently running any weekly classes, you can contact her for weekend workshops and private lessons.Kizomba is Rachel’s primary dance. She also provides instruction in semba and has been known to give tips on social tarraxinha.While she loves following, Rachel is an advocate of gender equality in kizomba. Not only does she teach leaders’ steps and technique, she also leads on the social floor. She encourages everyone to try styling classes and loves to see people exploring both sides of her favorite dance.In addition, you’ll still find Rachel out doing lindy and blues, and she’s determined to pass muster in West Coast Swing and Zouk-Lambada by 2015.