Jan 10th: Wrksps w/ Mark Carpenter







Fusion Workshops with Mark Carpenter

January 10th 

Pre- Registration is closed!  There are a few spots available to both workshops, the door price is $50 for the afternoon workshop, $30 for the evening workshop, and $80 if taking both workshops.

Mark Carpenter was one of our fabulous teachers from Motley Hue 2015. A nomad originally from California, he travels the world teaching and DJing blues & fusion dancing. Now he’s back in NYC to cause trouble and dance like crazy with us!  All day Sunday Mark & Flouer will be cooking up some great classes for you.

Afternoon Workshop:  Advanced Exploration of Axis & Close Embrace

This workshop will introduce you to some core concepts of tango dancing that you can easily add to your blues & fusion dancing.  You might learn a few tango step patterns by proxy, but we will focus on how our bodies can move & rotate together with our axis between us.  Be prepared to geek out, sink into your bodies, and play with fun rhythms.


  • 2-5pm Sunday, Jan 10th
  • The Workspace: 20 W20th st, suite 306
  • Cost:  $45 presale before Jan 9th, $50 at the door, $40 if taking both workshops.
  • Space is limited for this Workshop – so sign up early to make sure you get in!


Evening Pre-Dance Workshop: Connect & Create
This workshop will get you connected to your partner and thinking about your dance in new ways. After establishing some technical skills, we will give you a series of fun but challenging problems to solve with your partner. Through solving each problem, we will come up with new ways of moving & stretch our ideas of connection. Come play with us and have a blast!


  • 7-9pm Sunday, Jan 10th
  • Dardo Galletto Studios: 151 W46th st, 11th floor
  • Cost:  $25 presale before Jan 9th, $30 at the door, $20 if taking both workshops.


More About Mark:   Check out his website here!
Originally hailing from sunny California, Mark has been effectively nomadic for the last four years. He spends much of his time traveling, dancing, and organizing events across the country. Mark has been teaching partner dancing since 2006 and now specializes in various flavors of blues and fusion. Coming from a non-dance background spanning theatre, music, and tech, has a unique approach to dance, movement and the teaching of both. His constant goal is to make the impossible easy and the easy look impossible.