Jan 22nd: Ksenia & Brett

Fusion Workshop:  Ksenia & Brett

West Coast Swing Techniques 
for Connection & Musicality



In Advance: $28, At the Door: $35
January 22nd, 2017. 7:30-9pm, before Melting Pot
Dardo Galetto Studios: 151 West 46th Street, 11th floor

Come learn essential technique by West Coast Swing champions Brett & Ksenia Nomberg!

The first half of our class will focus on how to maintain connection through the dance.  Often times connection during a 3 minute song is being lost and regained with your partner during the dance, rather than being maintained throughout.  These losses of connection cause “hiccups” that are noticeable by both your partner and your audience. We will help teach ways to lessen these hiccups and maintain a smooth steady flow with your partner and the music.

The second half of the intensive will focus on musicality to all different genre of songs.  How to dance to faster songs, to songs you have never heard, to make songs without obvious breaks more interesting, and how to listen to the cues given by a given song.  This class will help dancers of all different styles as these skills and techniques apply to all partner dances.