Sept 28th: Focus Fusion with Flouer

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September 28th


Flouer Evelyn

… is teaching a fusion workshop before the next Melting Pot!

For more info on Flouer and her dancing….check out her website:

We will be covering a lot of techniques that she has gotten the chance to teach across the country, but has yet to take to NYC.

What are we going to be doing?

  • Sharpening your partnering skills by being able to recognize and match other people’s dance styles.
  • Fine tuning your connection in many different styles of dance.
  • Learning more complex rhythmic structures that permeate many dance forms.

This is a workshop for deeper exploration into your dancing. We will be taking our time and investigating our own movement tendencies, as well those of our partners.


Price: $20 presale. $30 at the door

More info…..

— ┬áLocation: ┬áDardo Galletto Studios, 151 W46th st, 11th floor

— There is a $1 surcharge for online purchases.

— Unfortunately, there were a lot of technical difficulties getting the info up for this workshop….so because it is late to get up, the price is being lowering the price from $35 to only $20!

(for the people who have bought there tickets already, you will be reimbursed your money at the door)