Aug 21: Wrksps with Alfredo & Flouer

Alfredo & Flouer Fusion Workshop August

Afternoon Workshop:  Dance Beyond the Default

August 21, 2016

In this three hour workshop you will not only learn new moves, but you will learn how to make fusion-based musical choices with your partner.

Join Alfredo and Flouer as we teach you new vocabulary from multiple dance genres – including Blues, West Coast Swing, Tango, and/or Zouk.

From there, we will take that material and learn how to change its texture to fit any music you hear on the fusion dance floor!  Go beyond technique and explore how to make different musical choices with your partner.

All genres of dance have a default musical style attached to them.  In fusion dancing, you are asked to go beyond that default and apply what you know to a musical style that is different in rhythm, feeling, and instrumentation.  This class is all about developing those skills.



  • 2-5pm Sunday, August 21st, 2016
  • The Workspace: 20 W20th st, suite 306
  • Cost:  $45 presale before Aug 20th, $60 at the door, $40 if taking both workshops.
  • Space is limited for this Workshop – so sign up early to make sure you get in!


Evening Pre-Dance Workshop:  How Do Your Joints Work?

“Oops… that doesn’t bend that way…” Not words anyone wants to hear on the dance floor, right?  Let’s explore a few fun hand to hand connections that will add awesome flavor to your fusion dancing while at the same time avoiding wreaking havok on anyone’s joints.  We will also address how to make any of your own personal figures and shapes safe, understandable, and fun for both you and your partner.
This workshop will get you connected to your partner and thinking about your dance in new ways. After establishing some technical skills, we will give you a series of fun but challenging problems to solve with your partner. Through solving each problem, we will come up with new ways of moving & stretch our ideas of connection. Come play with us and have a blast!


  • 7:30-9pm Sunday, Aug 21
  • Dardo Galletto Studios: 151 W46th st, 11th floor
  • Cost:  $20 presale before Aug 20th, $25 at the door, $20 if taking both workshops.


More About Alfredo:   Check out his website here!

Born in bred in New York City, Alfredo Melendez has a wealth of dance knowledge that only a lifetime in the big city can spawn.  From Salsa to West Coast Swing, Tango to Lindy to Blues, Alfredo has tasted it all, and mastered quite a few!

Having moved to Hong Kong about 2 years ago, he is back for one month only to spread his knowledge and to party down with us.