What is Fusion?


  • What is Fusion Dance?

Fusion Dancers use the many genres of partner dance to create personal, improvisational expressions of music.

To us, this means breaking down the boundaries between dance forms to allow us to pick and choose which amongst the many different techniques we wish to employ at any given time. It also means bringing the partner dance community together under one roof to help foster endless possibilities of movement creation.

  • What music do you play?

We play a lot of different things!  Many fusion dances around the world use electronica music as a base for their sound because there is no other dance form already attached to this genre, encouraging dancers out of their “genre boxes”.  Electronic music also inspires creativity due to  the eclectic moods and rhythms available.   At Fusion Dance NYC, we also play electronica, but we like to mix it up quite a bit!

Our sounds range from pop, world music, nuevo tango, blues, latin, swing, folk, soul, r&b, hip hop, & lyrical.  Every DJ has their own style, so some nights will feature more music in specific genre’s than others.
We strive for as much variety as possible while still keeping the night flowing and you on the dance floor!

Here is a collection of Fusion Dancing demos from around the country… enjoy!

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